Before You Order Thanks Ai Products From Anyone

Please always look for an authorised Thanks Ai distributor to get started.

There are a lot of Thanks Ai distributors on both online & offline, but you need to find a professional, helpful & good reputation one! Moreover, if you want to know whether a specific Thanks Ai product can improve your health condition, you must get the answer from a knowledgeable distributor who have trained by the company.

Hi there! I am Catherine Chooi from Malaysia. I am an authorised Thanks Ai distributor and have been involved in wellness industry for over 5 years.

During my first 5 months in Thanks Ai, I have been promoted to 6 Silver rank in the company! That’s the highest rank in Silver category and thats mean there are more than 120 happy customers in a month. Surely, I also want to say thank you to the company which provides professional training, as well as my customers for their trust and support!

There are many happy consumers saying that Thanks Ai products are great. As you may know, to achieve a good improvement in your health condition, you have to consume the right product. That means you need a professional and knowledgeable distributor who can recommend you the right Thanks Ai products before you do the purchase, agree? Let me share with you something about my PROFESSIONALISM and GOOD REPUTATION over the years in the wellness industry.

About My Professionalism

My professionalism is related to my previous working experiences.

I have previously worked as a personal assistant to the founder of one of the top 10 Malaysian companies. I have traveled on a private jet for meetings and learned how to run a business from scratch!

5 years ago, I worked as a senior planner in one of the world’s top 10 American semiconductor companies. I also won multiples Energizer Award on my outstanding achievements! Due to work stress, I am suffering from a severe hormonal imbalance problem.

Thanks to my former network marketing company products, my health problem has successfully improved & kickstart a new milestone in my career. In my former network marketing company, I gained a large group of customers (more than 500!) around the world.

Keep learning is one of the keys to success. Since I joined Thanks Ai full-time in Jan 2022, I have attended & completed multiple company training courses & health seminars, online zoom meetings, etc. Therefore, I have excellent knowledge of Thanks Ai products as well as the marketing plan.

Stay tuned to my Facebook Page for more benefits of Thanks Ai products & testimonials collected from customers!

What My Customers Says About Me?

A good reputation is built up by providing excellent services to your customers consistently. I always give my best to solve their problems and answer their questions when my customers face some issues on consuming the products throughout their health improvement journey.

How Did I Know About Thanks Ai?

I used to cook lunch and dinner at home almost every day since MCO started in 2020. This leads to severe eczema in my right hand. The skin on the fingers is severely dry, peeling off and very itchy. My hand feels pain and discomfort when doing housework. I’ve tried several products and hand creams but none of them help to solve my hand’s eczema problem.

One day I saw a Thanks Ai distributor post a testimony about eczema on social media. The user was using Profil product from Thanks Ai. Surprisingly eczema on her palm & fingers gets recovered after consuming Profil in 7 days!!

This impressed me much and immediately I decided to order the promotion set of Thanks Ai products from one of the Thanks Ai distributors to try.

I have started taking one film of Profil every day; Besides that, I’m also using another film of Profil dissolved in 30ml of water and sprayed it on my hands 3 times a day.

To my surprise, eczema has improved significantly! The dryness and the pain are gone! The skin on my fingers and palm is back to normal and as smooth as baby skin! What a wonderful product that achieves good results in such a short time!

Here is another testimony after consuming Profil & A.Materas Skincare set for 4 months. I’m surprised about the transformation result after I did the comparison chart my own! Now I have much fairer, glowing and smoother skin. My face now also have great lifting effect at jawline.

These amazing products make me decide to involve in the Thanks Ai business actively. I have held zoom & home parties so that more people can understand about the greatness of Thanks Ai products to their health.

5 Factors to Determine the Right Thanks Ai Distributor


Good Responsibility

A legit & responsible Thanks Ai distributor will not try to sell Thanks Ai products on any third-party platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, and etc as this is against company’s policy.

Always With You

All your message will get a reply promptly most of the time. If necessary, the Thanks Ai distributor will arrange to meet up with you face to face too and check on your health condition.

Exclusive Know-how

In addition of knowing each of the Thanks Ai products very well, a good Thanks Ai distributor able to consult you the suitable products that fit you best based on your health condition.


Transparent Purchase Process

A good Thanks Ai distributor will guide you step by step on how to make a purchase on your own through ThanksAi app/Back Office system. Each purchase will come with digital receipt and Thanks Ai customer service team is ever ready to assist you in purchase correspondence.

After-sales Follow-up

Are you having problems after using the product? A good Thanks Ai distributor will always have a solution for that. From time to time, the distributor will also update their customers about the latest product launching and ongoing promotions.

"Health Everyone Loves to Everyone You Love." - Makoto Fujiwara


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